Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Lime plays a critical role in water treatment processes, both for municipal wastewaters and industrial liquid wastes. At Calmine India Pvt. Ltd., we offer lime products specifically designed for water treatment applications.

In wastewater treatment plants, whether urban or industrial, Hydrated Lime and Quick Lime are extensively used for various purposes. One of the primary uses is correcting the pH balance of acidic water. Lime is added to acidic wastewater to neutralize the acidity and bring it to an optimal pH level, ensuring effective treatment processes.

Lime is also utilized for the precipitation of heavy metals and phosphates in wastewater. The addition of lime helps in the formation of insoluble compounds, allowing for the removal of these contaminants from the water. This process contributes to the purification and detoxification of wastewater.

Additionally, lime exhibits excellent flocculating properties, which aid in the aggregation and settling of suspended particles in water. Lime helps in the formation of flocs, which can be easily separated, resulting in cleaner water.

Furthermore, lime finds application in the stabilization of industrial residual sludge or dredging sludge. By adding lime to the sludge, it helps in stabilizing and reducing the moisture content, making it more manageable for disposal or further treatment.

Lime also plays a crucial role in treating urban biosolids before agricultural re-use or incineration. Lime helps in reducing odors, controlling pathogens, and improving the stability of biosolids, ensuring their safe utilization or disposal.

Our lime products are carefully processed to meet the specific requirements of water treatment applications. They provide excellent performance in pH correction, heavy metal precipitation, flocculation, sludge stabilization, and biosolids treatment.

By utilizing our lime products, water treatment plants can achieve efficient and effective treatment processes, ensuring the purification and environmental sustainability of water resources. Our commitment to delivering high-quality lime solutions makes us a trusted partner in the water treatment industries.