Lime, particularly Hydrated Lime, finds applications in the lubricant industries, contributing to the smooth operation of various processes. At Calmine India Pvt. Ltd., we offer lime products that are specifically designed for lubricant applications.

In plastic extrusion processes, Hydrated Lime serves as a lubricant. It helps reduce friction between the plastic material and the extrusion equipment, facilitating the smooth flow of the plastic and enhancing the extrusion process. The addition of lime as a lubricant in plastic extrusion improves the overall efficiency and quality of the extruded products.

Furthermore, lime is utilized in the petroleum refining industries as a lubricant. In various refining processes, lime acts as a lubricant to minimize friction between moving parts and equipment. It helps ensure smooth operation, prevent excessive wear, and extend the lifespan of machinery and equipment used in petroleum refining.

Additionally, lime plays a role in the manufacturing process of lubricating grease. It is used as an ingredient to enhance the lubricating properties of grease formulations. Lime aids in reducing friction and wear, providing effective lubrication and protection to moving parts in various applications.

Our lime products are carefully processed to meet the specific requirements of the lubricant industries. They provide excellent lubricating properties and contribute to the efficient operation of processes in plastic extrusion, petroleum refining, and lubricating grease manufacturing.

By utilizing our lime products, the lubricant industries can enhance the performance and longevity of equipment, reduce friction and wear, and ensure smooth and efficient operations. Our commitment to delivering high-quality lime solutions makes us a trusted partner in the lubricant industries.