Road Building

Road Building

Lime plays a crucial role in road building and construction projects by providing stability and enhancing the performance of the road infrastructure. At Calmine India Pvt. Ltd., we offer lime products that are specifically designed for road building applications.

In road construction, lime is used to stabilize in-place soils, borrow soils, or aggregates. It helps improve the engineering properties of the soil, enhancing its load-bearing capacity and long-term stability. By incorporating lime into the soil, it reduces plasticity and increases the cohesion and strength of the material, resulting in a durable road foundation.

Hydrated Lime, in particular, is used to form an impermeable base in road construction. It helps reduce the chances of rainwater seepage into the road structure, preventing water-related damages such as erosion and swelling. The addition of Hydrated Lime improves the overall durability and longevity of the road, reducing maintenance requirements over time.

Our lime products are carefully manufactured to meet the specific requirements of road building applications. They provide excellent performance and stability, allowing road builders to construct robust and reliable road infrastructure.

By utilizing our lime products, road builders can create road foundations that are resistant to deformation, moisture, and weathering, ensuring safer and longer-lasting roads for transportation networks. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted partner in road building projects.