Construction Industries

Construction Industries

Lime, as a building material, holds a rich history and is one of the oldest materials used in construction, preceded only by stone and mud. Lime has been widely employed in the construction industries for making mortar and plaster, acting as a crucial binder in these substances. At Calmine India Pvt. Ltd., we offer lime products that are specifically designed for the construction industries.

In construction, lime serves as a key ingredient in mortar and plaster, providing strength and durability to various structures. During the hardening process, lime undergoes a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide from the air, forming rock-like calcium carbonate while releasing water through evaporation. This process, known as carbonation, results in the formation of a strong and stable material.

Hydrated Lime finds significant use in the construction industries for making a special kind of mortar that can harden under water. This is particularly beneficial for projects involving water-based environments, such as underwater structures, foundations, and drainage systems. Hydrated Lime-based mortar offers excellent water resistance and durability, ensuring the integrity of structures even in challenging conditions.

Moreover, Quick Lime Powder is extensively utilized in the construction industries for manufacturing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks. AAC blocks are lightweight and have excellent thermal insulation properties. Quick Lime Powder acts as a key component in the production of AAC blocks, contributing to their strength, stability, and energy efficiency.

Our lime products, including Hydrated Lime and Quick Lime Powder, are carefully processed to meet the specific requirements of the construction industries. They provide exceptional performance as binders, facilitating the construction of robust and durable structures.

By utilizing our lime products, the construction industries can achieve reliable mortar and plaster formulations, create water-resistant structures, and manufacture high-quality AAC blocks. Our commitment to delivering top-notch lime solutions makes us a trusted partner in the construction industries, supporting the construction of resilient and sustainable infrastructure.